Anaglyph Stereoscopic 3D Gaming with IZ3D

by Eyre Austero 5. September 2010 21:30

     If you want to experience 3D gaming the cheap way, then just don't throw away yet those 3D glasses that you happened to use if you watched the June 20, 2010 episode of Party Pilipinas or those cardboard type red-cyan glasses that come free with some magazines (like the August 2010 issue of FHM).

     In anaglyph mode, it's all that you'll ever need. There's no more need for active shutter glasses + 120Hz monitors or for 3D ready displays + passive polarized glasses. Just your current setup.

     To give this a try, I downloaded the latest IZ3D driver then installed it--not the full installation, but just the anaglyph option (which is free).

     If you have your red-cyan glasses right now, put them on then see some anaglyph screenshots of Bethesda's Oblivion shown below. As you can see, there is a noticeable depth perception using the convergence and separation settings that I used. But there is however a problem with the colors. They're a bit off.

     Will this problem with color accuracy make up for the 3D gaming experience this anaglyph technology brings? Hmmm. Let's see 


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