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by Eyre Austero 20. April 2010 22:48

   To my fellow BlogEngine.NET users out there who woul like to add the AddThis social bookmarking button to their blogs, I've found a simple way to do it  which I will now be sharing with you.

Step 1: Open the AddThis website.

Step 2: Select 'Website' as your service.

Step 3: Choose the button style that you would like to appear in your blog.

Step 4: Decide whether you'd want analytics  for your button or not.

Step 5: Click 'Get Your Button' and copy the code.

Step 6: Open your favorite web development application (which is the Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2008 Express for my case).

Step 7: Open the PostView.ascx file of  the theme you are currently using.

Post View in VWD 2008

Step 8: Paste the code previously copied to the line just before <div class="footer">.

sample code

Step 9. Save the changes and upload the file to the remote server. (Well, this is if your website is hosted on a remote server.)

     Now, open your blog and see for yourself the AddThis button just above the footer.

     With a social bookmarking button, we not only make it easier for our visitors to bookmark and share our posts to popular channels such as Facebook, Digg, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc.  We, at the same time, also come into possession a good tool to market and promote our  blogs through our visitor's help.

     If you like this post, please bookmark and share this to others who might also find it useful using the AddThis button below.


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