BlogEngine.NET 1.6 Now Available

by Eyre Austero 14. February 2010 01:54

       The latest version of BlogEngine.NET (i.e. version 1.6), an open source blog platform developed with ASP.NET 2.0, is now available for download at Codeplex. Its release was announced last February 1, 2010 at its main site.  Below are the new features of this release copied verbatim from the BE.NET website:

  • Centralized Comment Management
  • Automated Comment Spam Filtering with ability to plug-in custom Filtering modules
  • Multiple Widget Zones (details)
  • Referrers data and Blogroll items now stored in Database when using the DB blog provider.
  • Unsubscribe Link in Comment Notification Emails
  • Referrer Data can be Stored for more than 7 days.
  • Blogroll items can now be Ordered.
  • Newsletter Widget more Intelligent - Emails sent when a post is going from an Unpublished to Published state.
  • Twitter Widget - New options and improvements
  • Page Slugs now saved in Database.
  • New Logging system to Track events and errors.
  • Unhandled Exception Handling
  • Fixes to Comment Notification Emails not being sent out correctly in some cases.
  • Outgoing Email improvements
  • Many other improvements and fixes

     As for me, I've already upgraded from version to the latest and everything is working fine so far. For those who are planning to upgrade, here's a good guide created by David Wynne:  http://www.david-wynne.com/blog/post/Upgrading-BlogEngineNET-from-15-to-16.aspx.

     Kudos to the BlogEngine.NET development team for your continuous effort in improving BE.NET!


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