'Abusing' my Kit Lens

by Eyre Austero 2. April 2010 18:13

     One of the problems commonly faced by newbies in photography is what we call the Gear Acquisition Syndrome (a.k.a. GAS)--or is it just me. Barely two and a half months since I purchased my DSLR camera and after  having only taken about a thousand shots with it (mostly fireworks), here I am now itching to buy the next accessories for my camera. Indeed, it looks like I'm now nearly afflicted with GAS.

     Luckily for me, I've managed to hold it at bay. While seeking for answers in photography forums such as DPP, Pipho, DPReview as to what to buy next (prime lens or flash), I came to realize that the answer is not simple and that it is actually only me who can best answer my own question. The general concensus is that, I first have to know the type of photography that I like most doing before I can make informed choices as to what gears to buy next.

    So here I am now; starting to 'abuse' (i.e. maximize) my kit lens; trying to figure out the focal lengths that I use most of the time; the type of photography that I like most doing; learning more about proper exposure, composition, lighting ;and many more.  Who knows, I might after all not be needing more than what the kit lens offer--although I very much doubt this. Hehehe...

    Here are some of my random shots taken using the kit lens. I'll be updating this post whenever I come across something interesting.


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