Lunar Occultation of Venus

by Eyre Austero 18. May 2010 07:06

     While busy playing Oblivion yesterday, I received a 'text' message from my officemate (Ate Aida) telling me to have a look outside to see how beautiful the moon is.  Good for me that I did. The sight was indeed spectacular! Before my eyes is the crescent moon with a star (or to be accurate, the planet Venus appearing like a star) on top of it. So I hurriedly took my Nikon D5000; mounted it on a tripod; then started shooting using the 18-55mm kit lens. I had some difficulty with AF so I switched to manual focus, making use of the electronic rangefinder to confirm focus.

     Although I can only do so much with my kit lens in this situation, I'm still happy because I was able to document this rare and special astronomical event.

     To those who missed this, here are some of my photos of the May 16, 2010  lunar occultation of Venus.



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