Unexpected: My Wap Site is Listed in Que's Official Internet Yellow Pages 2006 Edition

by Eyre Austero 30. November 2009 09:09

     This is quite unexpected.  After doing a google search of my wap site (Wap Hangout)  which I created way back in college, I was surpised to know that it is listed in Que's Official Internet Yellow Pages 2006 Edition.  It can be found within the Foreword under the Wireless Web Primer section and is described  among others such as Google Wireless and Yahoo! Mobile as "some of the most useful wireless web portals".

     When I created this wap site way back then, what I had in mind is to create a  comprehensive directory of wap sites available at that time.  Convinced that I was successful in doing so and of its potential of being useful to wap surfers, I submitted it to a number of search engines to increase its hit points. Least did I expect  that it will catch the eyes of the author of the mentioned yellow pages book. 

      If there is something that I learned from this, it's that hardwork indeed pays off.  I hope that the same will happen to my future works.

     For a preview of how my wap site looks like when viewed using a mobile phone , please refer to the attached screenshots. Mobile phone emulator used is that of dotMobi's.

Wap Hangout Homepage Wap Hangout Menu1 Wap Hangout Menu2
Wap Hangout Bantay-Bayan Wap Hangout Contact Information

     In case your interested in creating your own wap site, here is how it looks like using Tagtag.com's wap site editor.    

Wap Hangout as viewed using the Tagtag.com Wap Editor

Please click image to view its larger version.


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