A Hassle-free Way to Install IIS, SQL Server, .NET Framework, etc.

by Eyre Austero 16. December 2009 09:33

     If you are currently into web development (or are considering of exploring it) using Microsoft's web platform, here's a nice application that will install IIS, the .NET framework, SQL Server, Visual Web Developer Express, and web applications such as BlogEngine.NET and Wordpress the hassle-free way.  It is called the Microsoft Web Platform Installer (Web PI). Quoting from Microsoft's website ,"Web PI handles the heavy-lifting by installing and configuring each component of the platform from top to bottom."

     I personally used it to install BlogEngine.NET after doing a clean install of Windows 7. To my delight, it worked out of the box without me having to configure anything. 

     Attached below are some screenshots of the Web PI.

Web PI Web Platform Tab Web PI Web Applications Tab

Please click images to view larger version.

     For more information about this application, visit  Microsoft's website.


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