Manual Focus Using Live View

by Eyre Austero 12. April 2010 08:30

     Although the current auto focus systems of DSLRs are fast and accurate, there are still a number of situations where manual focus is better.  For Darren Rowse of Digital Photography School, these include macro work, portraits, shooting through glass or wire fences, action photography, and low light.

     To prepare myself for these situations, I re-read the Nikon D5000 manual  and learned two useful things. One is the use of the electronic rangefinder, while the other one is the use of live view in doing manual focus.  

     While the electronic rangefinder is good,  the viewfinder is however small making it sometimes difficult to confirm focus accuracy.  It's a good thing that the Nikon D5000 has the live view feature.  One would not only get a 2.7" view of the scene, it is also possible to see its zoomed version up to 6.7x.  I used this feature while doing a lens test of the kit lens and  found it to be very useful in fine tuning focus.

      There are however some limitations with regards to the use of live view in doing manual focus.  Quoting from an article of Joshua Lehrer of Steve's Digicam, "I will preface by saying that 99% of the situations in which live view is a valuable asset, the camera should be in a fixed position, such as on a tripod, the ground, table, etc.".  I agree with this and I think the same applies to the use of manual focus in live view. But ,of course, this is just me. Feel free to disagree.

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nikon d3100
nikon d3100 United States
16/10/2010 05:03:26 #

day by day.. DSLR is becoming a prosumer camera. i think liveview is suitable for exposure calculation only

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