My Unpublished Website (coded using XHTML and CSS)

by Eyre Austero 30. November 2009 05:30

      This is probably what we call serendipity.  Middle of last year, a colleague of mine asked me if I can help improve an application (written using Visual Basic) that is being used by the manufacturing line to gather data for Statistical Process Control. Knowing that those who developed it are not professional programmers (i.e. they just learned how to do it on their own), I became interested; gave a noncommital response; and searched the internet  as to whether the programming concepts in Turbo C, the lone one-semester programming subject that I had way back in college, would apply to Visual Basic. In the process of searching the web, I  stumbled across the MSDN site and instead  ended up liking another thing.  Yes, I was looking for Visual Basic but ended up with Visual Web Developer 2008 Express.  This resulted to a series of chain reactions which eventually led me to build from scratch my very own static website.

My Personal Website

Please click image to view its larger version.

      Having no background in web development, building this site did not come easy.  It required a good deal of dedication  and willingness to learn.  For my case, not only did I complete Tier 1 of MSDN's Beginner Developer's Learning Center Web Development Track  but also did the extra mile of reading entire books on XHTML and CSS.  This website, albeit unpublished, is a self-imposed project meant to gauge how much I understood Tier 1. Now that I've completed it, I guess I now earned the right to claim that I've graduated from Tier 1 and is now ready to move to Tier 2.

     In case you're wondering how this site looks like in VWD 2008 Express, attached below is a screenshot.  Although one can build this site using notepad alone, VWD however offers a lot of tools that can make one's life easier especially in managing CSS.

My personal website when viewed using Visual Web Developer 2008 Express

Please click image to view its larger version.

     For those who are interested in exploring web development using VWD 2008 Express, please visit MSDN's Beginner Developer's Learning Center and share with me your experiences.

     P.S.  This website was completed last year (2008), I didn't however have it published because my goal after all is to create a .aspx website.



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